Can you hire overtime in the PACKS?
Yes. You can hire as many overtime hours as necessary.

Summer Special Pack (seven hours coverage): 125.-€ for overtime.

Silver Pack (four hours of coverage): 260.- € extra hour.

Gold and Platinum Pack (Full Day Coverage): No overtime.

I do not want pack,can I hirenfor hours?
Yes, in this case the price for overtime is 320.- € being the minimum hiring of 3 hours.
How is overtime paid?
All overtime is paid after the wedding, we will send you an invoice with the payment details. The invoice must be paid before placing the photo gallery online. (two weeks after the wedding)


  • It is highly recommended to reduce stress on the wedding day and make the most of the time with the guests.
  • It is the appropriate solution when the wedding schedules do not allow a report of the couple.
  • 3 hours of service.
    2 locations agreed.
  • Supplementary service to all PACK’S
  • I recommend contacting at least 30 days before the wedding.
  • The day of completion and locations are chosen together with the grooms, you can be the same week of the wedding or months later.

Photography: 381 

Video: 381 

USB with box

  • Compact and personalized design with my logo.
  • White color.
  • White foam box with gray foam.
  • ncluded in the Packs: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • It is optional in the Summer Special Pack.
  • You can hire it before or after the wedding.
  • All photo services include private gallery with password and direct download of the entire report in high resolution.

16 Gb.: 44 

64 Gb.: 56 

Album book

  • Highest quality album.
  • Padded covers, outer leather material.
  • Custom design and online tracking.
  • 20 sheets (40 pages).
  • It is delivered 30 days after the selection of photos.
  • Produced in Germany.
  • Supplementary service in the Packs: Silver and Gold.
  • Album included in the Summer Special Pack (18x18cm.).
  • It can be hired before and after the wedding.

19x19cm: 170 

28x28cm: 310 

42×28cm: 431 


  • Make 12-megapixel photos.
  • 4K / Full HD 1080p video recording.
  • 4 hours of service maximum.
  • You do not operate in church interiors.
  • The Drone produces ambient noise that can bother slightly in outdoor ceremonies.
  • With operator.
  • Supplementary service to all PACK’S
  • It is advisable to contact at least 30 days before the wedding.
  • Liability insurance included in the price.


Extra photographer

  • Experienced photographer.
  • NIKON D4s camera.
  • High-end fixed targets.
  • 8 hours of service.
  • Especially focused on family and friends.
  • Supplementary service to all PACK’S.
  • I recommend hiring an extra photographer at weddings with over 100 guests.
  • Hiring a second photographer allows me to focus on boyfriends and direct family members.
  • It is advisable to contact at least 60 days before the wedding.


Crane for video

  • Capture video sequences in motion.
  • 4K / Full HD 1080p video recording.
  • 8 hours of service.
  • You do not operate in church interiors.
  • NIKON D810 camera included.
  • Microphone Turn ambient.
  • Supplementary service to all PACK’S.
  • It is advisable to contact at least 30 days before the wedding.
  • Not all sites allow the installation of the crane.


Photographers from Ibiza and Formentera

Prices are expressed in Euros (€). | Taxes: VAT not included in the price. | Limited dates, check availability.



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